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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fashionably Floral™ Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector

Fashionably Floral™ Barbie® Doll | Barbie Collector
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Love this outfit
I love Barbie dolls I played with dolls up until I was 16 yrs old, that didn't mean I didn't still have them, my mother saved porcelain dolls, I have been making or drawing ideas for up cycling their clothes. Growing up I had about 36 or more barbies, the airplane I loved that and a Barbie camper. I wanted a Barbie dream house but I had children of my own I would of had to buy four Raising Children and having collectables is not easy without seeming mean, so I just let them play with my dolls, the collectables, with a smile we opened and played with them. They don't remember these times but I do. They were cuter than  my No I do not regret it because after saying no we don't play with those we look at those so many times and they are so good always listening so I let them open the boxes their faces were priceless. I will always remember those faces. is a wonderful site to be able to spoil yourself or grandchildren, sneek one to your child it may start a family tradition buying each other a collectable.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

my Hari the last four months with chemo





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Saturday, November 8, 2014

It seems like this year was longer than last year I wonder why??

And it is not over yet, Being Dx with Kidney Cancer for a second time can make your smile turn upside down it you let it this is me in the beginning, the doctor said my hair would not fall out, but it did I think in these type of therapies being they are all trails. Having my life is way more important for that reason there are pictures I will be posting a picture of me with my new doo next week.

 I have been praying really hard for God to Provide a way for me to get to church or a new church come and get me at this point I am completely leaning on the Lord. I cant drive the last time I did well I was sweating all over the place, left half my groceries. I have prayed and I feel that I should not drive if I don't have a license. Practice what you preach!! I am standing on Gods word. I love God so much it does not matter that I am mostly alone in my room because he is with me surrounds me with his peace, Joy and Love. I don't know how many will understand what Joy God gives you when you put forth the effort of seeking him first. There have been many bad nights but I am thinking only of the Good. My blood work is way good and I have a functioning kidney still which means still not dialysis God is so good once again.

One of the side effect I spoke of was hair loss below are before and after, I am going to have a new hair doo I will post it and surprise you all whoop whoop!

(face became bumpy and swollen

bumpy chin swollen need antibiotic cream and a break of the chemo!

After using all the hydrating cream I will be listing all that truly helped me love Amazon Coupons

this is the beginning of the strings of hair I am unable to take another
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taking Radiations like a champ!
I use renew cleaser toner gel loved it! then revive age Defying serum, Clarigenics Hyluronic acid Serum It saved my face I love it even better I also use Salvere Vitamin C Serum which also I love! I have a special eye cream thank you amazon for all the $1 coupons ok the eye cream is named THAT eye all in one cream. all great stuff and save my face from chemo Now we are working on the hair and the feet and hand situation but I got this all figure out.
I love being me, I refuse to let Cancer scare me, I am not afraid of Death for I am a child of the King and his healing is promised weather I receive it on Earth or in Heaven it don't matter I have been written into the LAMB's Book of Life! AMEN!!! what a glorious promise I don't meant to offend anyone I am just sharing my hope and beliefs and my faith.
John 3:16